Monday, 27 September 2010

Victoria's Cake List

I thought I'd share with you all the Victoria's Cake Boutique top 50 cake flavours. This is the list I initially show to clients to give them a sense of what's on offer, but there is always room for more. I like it best when clients set me a challenge to see if some of their favourite flavours work together in cake form. They usually do and recent trials have been, amongst others, green tea and vanilla, chai cupcakes and pear and port. Cakes should, of course, always be delicious, but it's sometimes fun to take a flavour risk and think outside the tea room.

  1. Rich, boozy fruit cake with home-made marzipan
  2. Light tropical fruit cake
  3. Victoria sponge with jam and/ or buttercream 
  4. Lemon drizzle
  5. Coconut and lime
  6. Passion fruit layered gateau
  7. Coffee and walnut
  8. Peanut butter and jelly
  9. Coconut cake
  10. Orange and polenta
  11. Walnut gateau
  12. Carrot cake
  13. Apple and blackberry crumble cake (seasonal)
  14. Apple and Calvados with a toffee apple crust
  15. Spiced plum cake (seasonal)
  16. Ginger and green tea
  17. Cherry and almond
  18. Lemon and poppyseed
  19. Honey cake
  20. Ginger cake
  21. Toffee cake
  22. Banana cake
  23. Chocolate fudge cake
  24. White chocolate and cardamom
  25. Dark chocolate layer cake with raspberries and vanilla scented macarpone
  26. Chocolate and orange
  27. Chocolate and hazelnut torte with whipped Frangelico ganache
  28. Chocolate and pink peppercorn
  29. Chocolate and Guinness
  30. Chocolate rum truffle
  31. Sachertorte
  32. Chocolate and black pepper cake
  33. Traditional chocolate sponge
  34. Chocolate and chilli
  35. Chocolate and beetroot
  36. Red velvet
  37. White Russian
  38. White chocolate and passion fruit
  39. Chocolate and courgette
  40. Spiced chocolate torte
  41. Chocolate and Port cake
  42. White chocolate and Mascarpone
  43. Chocolate and Earl Grey
  44. Chocolate and Lapsang Souchong
  45. Chocolate and raspberry
  46. Chocolate and Amaretto
  47. Chocolate mint
  48. Chocolate and pistachio
  49. chocolate espresso cake

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Alphabet Soup

If, like me, you have a penchant for cake, I suspect that cake is just the tip of the iceberg. I love food. I love talking about it, reading about it, cooking it and, best of all, eating it. This is why I have set myself a challenge. A culinary tour de force, cooking and eating my way through the letters of the alphabet in 365 days. I have started a blog called Alphabet Soup. I have tackled A, B and C already and D is just a few days away.

Please have a little read and let me know what you think.