Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Like Cake? Want To Learn More About Cake? Want to Learn How To Decorate Cakes?

Boutique Wedding Cakes by Victoria Glass

To coincide with the UK publication date of my new book, Boutique Wedding Cakes*, I will be teaching a one day class at Cookery School, for students hoping to master the art of cake decorating. 

Want to know how to get smooth, crack-free sugar paste? Want to know how to interiorly structure a multi-tiered cake for stacking? Want to learn how to make sugar flowers and hand paint beautiful, original designs and discover tricks of the trade along the way? Then this class is for you. 

The 19th January 2013 will be a fun day of learning in central London which will include a tasty lunch made by the excellent staff at Cookery School. You will also get to take home your delicious creations for all your friends and family to admire (and, of course, eat). I will personally guide you through all aspects of cake decoration and wedding cake assembly and you'll go away with a copy of my book for further guidance, inspiration and 19 delicious recipes. 

The recipes in the book range from classic tea time treats to decadent dessert cakes, with a few unexpected curveball flavours thrown in, for good measure:

  1. Victorian boozy fruit cake
  2. Chocolate fudge
  3. Orange and polenta cake
  4. White chocolate and cardamom
  5. Black Forest (chocolate and cherry)
  6. Lemon drizzle
  7. Green tea and ginger
  8. Chestnut cake
  9. Sticky ginger cake
  10. Chocolate rum truffle
  11. Fruits of the forest torte with berry ganache (made with real fruit purée)
  12. Orange blossom and pistachio
  13. Chocolate and Guinness
  14. Apple and Calvados with toffee apple buttercream
  15. Chocolate chip and peanut butter
  16. Vanilla sponge 
  17. Espresso genoise
  18. Carrot cake
  19. Red velvet

I have also included recipes for homemade marzipan (including variations such as pistachio marzipan, hazelnut and orange marzipan and chocolate marzipan). Each recipe comes with quantity charts, so you can make any flavour in the size that's right for you - be that a multi-tiered wedding cake to feed 200, or a simple Sunday afternoon treat for 8. This is very much a recipe book as well as a "how to" design guide, to help you achieve a stunningly beautiful cake that tastes every bit as good as it looks.

Come and join me on Saturday, 19th January and book your place to learn the art of cake decorating.

*The official UK publication date isn't until 9th January 2013, but you can buy a copy from Amazon RIGHT NOW.